Club Fitting

Club Fitting

Our club fitting service is available to all golfers of all levels. Fitting ensures correct loft and lie of the club head, correct length of shafts for your height, the right shaft for your swing and of course the correct grip that slips into your hand and feels as it should. All our fitting is carried out by Terry who’s certificates can be seen at the bottom of the page.

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Terry Diploma

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Snooty Fox Fully Fitted Workshop

Snooty Fox Workshop

You don’t have to buy new clubs to be fitted! We can adjust your current off the shelf clubs to ensure you are getting the most out of your equipment, and its easy to do, so why not make a booking and find out if your clubs need a tweak. We also offer a full MOT of your clubs ensuring everything is as it should be to give you a more consistent game.

We are very proud of our workshop facilities, so much so we decided it should be the first thing you see when you walk through the door. Customers can watch us work on their clubs and see exactly how much effort we put into each of your clubs.

Loft and Lie, a brief explanation:

 Loft & Lie         Loft & Lie

Loft & Lie

The machine shown above measures and adjusts the loft and lie of your clubs extremely accurately, ensuring each club provides the correct angle of club head at impact and the correct trajectory of the ball for your individual swing. Two problems arise with loft and lie. First, off the shelf clubs are factory set, whilst giving consistent loft and lie throughout the set, they are very unlikely to be set for you Secondly, over time the loft and lie can drift with use, where a club you used to be very accurate with now does not give the same results. Both of these problems can be solved very quickly with a full club MOT. This is explained further down the page.

Shaft Stiffness:

Shaft Stiffness         Shaft Stiffness

Shaft Stiffness

The process above uses two machines, the first measures your shaft length accurately and the second is a highly calibrated frequency test machine. Utilizing and combining the results of both tests, we can measure how stiff your shafts are. Problems that arise can include the wrong shaft for your swing speed, a weak shaft that you may not even feel is different or even a shaft that has cracks inside that you will know nothing about until it breaks. Once again any problems are easily found with a full MOT.

Swing Weight:

Swing Weight

Using a very accurate swing weight balance beam we are able to read the swing weight of all of your clubs. This often overlooked measurement does make a difference. Don’t confuse this with the actual weight of the club as  it is very different. Two clubs may appear to be identical but the swing weight can change this. If the swing weight of one club in your set is different, that club will feel lighter or heavier than it should. This can of course lead to an out of plane swing meaning you don’t strike the ball out of the middle of the club head. Whilst this does not change with use over time, it can be an issue when re-griping or having shafts replaced. It is common to have different makes of club in your bag, leading to an inconsistent swing weight throughout your set. Our fully trained club makers can easily ensure your clubs have the correct swing weight with a full MOT.



Grips have a hard life! Keeping your grips clean and fresh unfortunately only slows the inevitable demise. Grips are affected by many things including sunlight, acidic rain, wind, mud and even the oil from our hands can have a detrimental effect leading to worn out grips that may look OK. On average grips should be replaced every two years unless you play more than once a week, in which case you should be looking to replace them once a year. A damaged grip will give more than it should, often leading to the club head being open on impact leading to a slice. Our trained technicians are able to assess the condition of your grips, ensuring the club swings through true, though we do not guarantee this will cure your slice! Did you buy off the shelf clubs? Well if you did you may find that the grip is either too thin or to fat for your hands, both of which will instantly put you at a disadvantage over a player who has been fitted. Speak to one of our trained technicians to find out if your grips are everything you thought they were. Grips are of course covered in our full MOT.

Putter Fitting:

Putter Fitting

Our custom fit includes putters, with our special adjustable putter we can make sure you have the correct length and lie for your posture ensuring a smooth stroke at all times. Once again custom fitting of putters is often overlooked, it is the only club in your bag you will use on every hole!