Clubs MOT

Clubs MOT

Are you having doubts about your clubs, had them a wile and wonder if the shafts are still doing their job maybe even wondering if the grooves are worn, well we have the answer. If you have read the information on our Club Fitting page then we give you three options:

1, Do nothing! Carry on playing as you are, but now you have some basic information, we bet the niggles will start to appear the next time you have a bad round.

2, Buy yourself a new set of clubs off the shelf. After reading the Club Fitting page are you really going to make the same mistakes all over again?

3, Book yourself and your clubs in for an MOT. Now your getting the idea, a full MOT and service of your clubs ensuring all the above and more are correct for you. We will analyse your swing and ensure your clubs fit you correctly from grip to head. Your clubs will also receive a full clean and be ready to perform at their best on your next outing. What’s more we keep a record of each club and after an agreed time you come back and have another check up for free, ensuring your clubs stay in perfect condition.

A full MOT of your clubs for just £20.00

During our club MOT we check everything to ensure your clubs are right for you and will perform their best every time you take them out of the bag. What’s more within the price you get a second check up for a later date, we keep a record of you and your clubs making sure everything that is right, stays right!

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