Club Restoration

Golf clubs, as we all know, get damaged and don’t look like new after a while despite the care and attention we give them. After a while ingrained dirt becomes harder to clean, scratches and chips appear in the sole and face leaving them looking old and tired. The answer for a lot of players has always been to buy a new set, but there are several reasons not to do this. Maybe you can’t justify the expense at the moment, or maybe you just don’t want to part with them going through the process of learning a new set of clubs.

Well now there is an alternative, Club Restoration! We can restore your clubs to as new condition for a lot less money than buying new, those scratches can be removed, the dirt will be gone, the shine restored and they will look like they once did. You can also combine a restoration with our Club MOT service, ensuring your shafts and grips are still as good as they should be, some customers leave with their clubs better than they were new!

Please note that clubs that are chrome plated can not be restored as we do not have a chrome plating machine.

The images below show the before and after of genuine clubs that have undergone our restoration process.