Wonderful, I’m peppering the flag now thanks alot. It doesn’t get better than this.

Hi Terry you did wonders with my clubs. I’m telling everyone about it. It has certainly improved my golf and with that my confidence a round 95 that’s good for me. I have the feeling that I’m improving. Thanks mate.

I just have to write this and say thank you for doing wonders with my golf clubs .The drives are straighter and this gives me more confidence for the rest of the shots, I even got a hole in one, because i felt so good that day.

Thanks Terry what a great job on restoring my 35 year old John Letters 7 iron,Its nice to have my very first golf club back in its original condition. Good luck with everything.Kind Regards, Gary Irwin, Royal Port Rush G.C.

Great work terry. Glad I spent my money with you instead of wasting a load more with titliest. Can now trust my clubs 100%. My games gone to a new level Thanks a lot!

I have had the most informed breakdown of my swing and understood all that you have taught. I feel so comfident now that I am going to smash my next opponent. Thanks Terry it was worth the drive up to Northampton can’t wait to try my new skill level.

Wow i’ve got to tell you you were right the Viper tour 11deg high launch certainly works as well as you said it would with the with the custom fit it seems to keep more on plane and i’ve hit more fairways than i ever did before thanks again.

Thank you for your promt service i have already been to the range with the new beasty and i must agree what a club, very solid feel and the ball flight of the 11degre has certainly put more distance on my drives,even with the range balls i can see the difference.

Terry just a quick email to let you know that the clubs are working fine a lot more feel from the 685s than my old Taylormade have just come back from Portugal after having 4 weeks to run them in can’t wait for the weather to improve here so ican realy get stuck in thanks. P W.

Terry Cade is an excellent teacher and coach at all levels from low handicap golfer to beginner. I have certainly benefitted from his one-to-one tuition and would highly recommend others to do the same. Terry also has a wealth of knowledge regarding the right golf clubs to match your individual characteristics at a fraction of the cost of the larger franchises that most people use. Terry got me a set of MacGregor Blades to match my original clubs and I love playing with them.

I Have known Terry for ten weeks now in this time he has improved my swing to the point were i now have a swing,his lessons are informative and his teaching methods are esay to follow, and his knowledge of clubs and club fitting are second to none. I will stay loyal to Terry and the Snooty Fox in return my game will go from strength to strength and at half the price of all the Pro’s I’ve seen advertising. Thanks Terry.

I started playing golf about 5 months ago, and after hacking around the local golf courses & becoming very frustrated at not being able to hit the ball properly, I decided to go to Terry for advise. Firstly he identified that I was playing with clubs too short for my height (6\’ 3\’\’) and then we spent 2 hours going through the basics. He then made me set of \’Caded\’ irons tailored to my height & swing speed and after 4 lessons & lots of advise from Terry, my game has improved dramatically. I still have to refine my swing to Terry\’s standards, but at 63 that is not easy for a beginner !! All I can say, is that if anyone (beginner or low handicap golfer) wants to play better golf (and that\’s most golfers), go to Terry for advise and have your clubs \’Caded\’. If you are thinking of buying new clubs, talk to Terry first & he can build you a set tailored to your golf style & better that anything available from golf shops or eBay.

The Infiniti Driver you made for me Terry has really put my game back on the map, you were absolutely right, ok as you said I would have to get used to it so i did as you advised, went to the range,tried different Tee hieghts slowed my swing down to a blur, took no notice of the difference in distance’s as we all know they are range balls,some are ok but 70% are crap. But now after 6 weeks of concentrateing on what you showed me up there and not trying to hit at the ball but, but through the ball the driver has now become my friend, and the more i use it the more the more i love it.. Cheers Robert.

Just been fitted for some custom clubs, I had no idea there was so much involved in this, but Terry made the whole process simple to understand and I felt involved all the way from choosing the best heads and shafts for my swing to having the loft and lie fitted to me.
The whole experience was superb and can not recommend Terry\’s service highly enough to anybody looking at buying new clubs, or for that matter any aspect of golf.
The new compressed air regripping has to be seen to be believed, it really is the Formula One method of fitting new grips to your clubs…

Sent an old and battered ray cook putter head for restoration-it came back within a week in mint condition-delighted! 5 star service

Hi Terry, just a quik email to say how pleased i am with the fitting of the wedges and also the Driver you made for me it’s outstanding compared to my last one,I think that spineing the shaft and changeing the swingweight has really done the trick Thanks again. Regards Mike.

Amazing, Amazing, the reshaft on all off my clubs i bought from AG has worked a treat they are now absolutely spot on, I can now play to my handicap, and better still under it..Great stuff have given your card to a few very impressed friends…See you soon for that all important lesson. James

Thanks Terry all is working well even my putting has got better with the counter balance and the all of the tips and possitive coaching. Best Wishes Peter.

What a fantastic couple of hours Terry, all I can say is it was well worth the drive down after the session I took it all on board and guess what you were absolutely right i have just had one of my best rounds ever,5 shots better than I have done before and all because of your CoachingĀ Thanks.

Well I have to admit it thats one of the best nine hole lessons I have ever had well worth the time and trouble of getting up there.I now feel more confident of my choice of club and also my stance and posture has been well improved, looking forward to the next time. All the very best in your new venture with Steve, Harry.